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About Us

How I got to MiamiSEOResume.com

I (charles) started working for a top alexa 5000 website at the time in 2009 for  precisely chess.com. I was their video manager/editor producing chess educational videos for over 1,000,000 website members. I worked with every major American chess grandmaster to date. Chess grandmasters are hard to find, and very exclusive like endangered animals because there are only 1,800 of them globally out of 7 billion people on the planet.

I got interested on the internet due to videos and their performances, and exactly what would make one piece of content outrank another. That lead to endless hours of reading which formidably became an education on search engine optimization. I got a degree from the University of San Francisco, read hundreds of PDF’s or WSO”s ( warrior special offer products from the warriorforum.com– the biggest internet marketing forum known to web marketers). The WSO’s, to fill you in on what those, are  pretty much marketing popcorn for online enthusiasts and aficionados.

Long story short,  9 years of work and counting, plus a couple of business experiences later ( working with small businesses, and over 1000 client seo companies) I assisted dozens of websites rank for a total of 12,529 keywords and over 2,000 page #1 rankings.

What I learned after 9 years of commercial SEO.

I learned quickly that small businesses have a hard time hiring, or affording the digital marketing expert, in conjunction with having a marketing budget to propel and expedite their online marketing demands.

I mean think about it, if you pay a marketing expert $75,000 a year, that’s $75,000 you can be using towards your marketing budget.

It was an interesting realization.

Small businesses also have a hard time hiring telecommuters, or people remotely which are hard to keep an eye on while trusting them with their SEO projects and internet marketing campaigns. Telecommuters, and remote seo workers are hard to work with because you don’t know what exactly is being done, or where the money is going.

Additionally, sometimes seo companies offer too much, or too little. It is difficult to believe that hiring a seo company to work on your independent project can wholeheartedly devote the time a digital marketing specialist can devote to your site by having someone on-board, in-house, locally right in your location.

Because of this, I decided to open up a seo company where I could present my information and offer a one of kind exclusive service. You have a in-house seo expert, working from your location for no more than 2 to 3 business days a week for a period of 3 to 6 months. Ideally, the seo associate and small business owner can build a relationship during this period where they both understand the standard operating procedures and deliverables of their online digital marketing campaigns.

Because both teams understand the details of the agreement and have a live on site relationship there are no problems executing the campaign, answering the questions and delivering on the milestones and performance indicators for the site.

Essentially, you have a win-win situation where both parties have a much more ample understanding of the nuances of the working agreement giving both the small business and seo expert an opportunity like never before; the seo expert can work for a different project/website after 3 months and diversify his portfolio, while the small business can save on having the seo expert onsite, and increase their marketing budget to catapult their marketing budget and expedite their seo and pay per click advertising tasks. Everything under the sun can be included on to their campaign once 3 to 6 months have taken place and both parties are extremely happy and performing at their highest potential.